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The design process is approached to be fun and accessible through educating and inspiring clients to express themselves freely during the process and through their project be it where they live, work, shop or play. Design Unplugged offers the following service focuses:


Aging in place or relocating  is made possible through a customized phased plan to adapt any home to your changing needs. DesignUnplugged's thoughtful approach makes the transition as comfortable, smooth, and economical as possible by not subscribing to a one-size-fits-all philosophy; you deserve to live in the style you love.

​If you are considering what life might be like a few years down the road or perhaps have current needs not met in your home or business, let's assess your house or office for accessibility and senior living needs, develop a plan to execute renovations as you need them, and integrate details to your aesthetic without making these adaptations obvious. Services can also include assistance with downsizing if aging, physical needs, personal finances, or need for assistance in daily life warrants a new dwelling.


This service provides you with expert advice, diagrams, and resources for products in a reduce time frame and  at a reduce fee. Are you stuck on a design problem at your home or office? Need a nudge to get the project done? Use this service to provide you with guidance and sketches to visualize the solution. Steps for closure are also included. Based on the information and photographs you provide, sketches and products will be  provided to add the finishing touch. With a few simple questions, and after discussing the parameters you wish to design under, you will receive a road map to your goals. Learn more and see samples by clicking here.


 DesignUnplugged creates and sources original art and accessories as accent pieces to enhance any space or style. It's easy to express yourself with DesignUnplugged's thoughtful sourcing and recommendation of pieces that suit you after getting to know your goals, personality, and space. Be it DesignUnplugged originals or items from our partnered professional artist, there's a variety of work from sculptors to painters, murals of any scale to apparel, metal to reclaimed and refurbished accessories and furniture to create your one of a kind solution.


Consulting services are available to help Realtors, property owners and contractors communicate clearly with each other so that your project comes in on time, on budget, and as you envisioned. ​DesignUnplugged can mesh the right  resources together for a more fluid and comprehensible project even if not in a primary role. We can work as an owner's, real estate agent's, or contractor's consultant to better expedite ideas, communications, and results.

Are you a home owner who needs help with contracts or planning how to approach a project, explaining your vision to a contractor, looking for  resources for that perfect item for your house or office?

​Perhaps you're a real estate agent who needs a means to better explain the possibilities of a property or have a property to sell that could be staged or refurbished to maximize your clients sale price?

Maybe you're a contractor who needs to explain your vision to a client and a few sketches would do wonders to make sure you have buy in.

 Let us assist with experience and perspective to help make wise decisions, easier collaborations, and maximize investments


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With DesignServices you will realize your project goals easier, faster, and more thoroughly with decades of experience in all phases of preparation, planning, design and execution of decorating, refurbishing, renovating, and construction. You can plug DesignUnplugged in for any combination of services and assistance you want and need.

Wether guiding a team or participating as a team member under another’s watch, DesignUnplugged’s experience includes projects from homes to offices, retail to restaurant, healthcare to hospitality, insides to outsides, courtyards to landscapes.

To look more closely at areas you can benefit from, here are some typical project phases DesignUnplugged can assist you with: 

   Initial planning, programming and phasing

   Selection and coordination of team players

   Development of project goals and aesthetics

   Team coordination meetings

   Documenting design for execution

   Selecting, coordinating, and specifying furnishings and accessories

   Reviewing and monitoring quotes for reconciliation with budget

   Monitoring construction progress and quality related to design goals

   Approval of completed project for release