​​​​Lutin Residence 

“I moved into my home a few years ago and loved the proportions of the living room and its connectivity to the kitchen.  DesignUnplugged helped me design a new kitchen to my taste and it turned out great. I thought I could do the living room myself but began to feel overwhelmed with the different directions I could go. Richard untangled my thoughts, again. He sorted all my ideas and identified the common elements and needs of the space. He saw what inspired me in the images I shared with him. I felt heard and validated. He helped unlock my block, and when I couldn't meet in person, he worked seamlessly with me through  emails and texts.  My next project with Richard will be my master bedroom suite!”

​​Greenberg Garage

Lord, Aeck & Sargent 

Teprovich Residence

Exterior with initial grading

 Janine Teprovich Home Owner

Art Niche with trim

Paul Baldasaro COO-Home Grown Industries

Challenge: Create individual designs for each location that uphold brand standards and generate an immersive environment for guests

Solution: Understand franchisee goals, community character and then combine the appropriate resources to create a one of a kind experience, reflect goals of team members throughout, from signs to back door to entice and represent vision of brand and owner, include  art, local talent, and visionaries to support personal and community based character

Mike Shepherd Director of Construction-Mellow Mushroom

“Richard has played a key role in shaping my career, as well as my eye for art and design. I have not yet come across anyone more creative. His ability to turn an assembly of ordinary objects into a masterful art piece or architectural element is a joy to witness. I appreciate his ability to use simple gestures to introduce warmth, light, or any other element into a space. Many of our professional conversations began with Richard saying 'just trust me' and ended with me saying 'you were right.' All these attributes made my role as manager easier because I was well armed with reason and confidence in the decisions I executed.”

Challenge: tight site, close proximity to living space, historic district

Solution: precise siting for clearances, scaled to house, custom garage doors to match patio elevation, color and scale to blend with landscape


Challenge: tight work area, not open to living space, disconnected bay window area

Solution: elongated galley layout anchored with island, replicated bay shape at opposite end for fridge and pantry, created casual seating at bay for guests and coffee, added stools at island casual dining and to relate to living room

Zach Nicholson Construction Manager-Mellow Mushroom

​​​​​Designing from a different perspective. Yours. ​

David Greenberg Simply Speaking, Inc.

"Richard’s vision for design, adaptability in process, and ability to communicate and unite multiple team members was a major part in the success of our restaurants.  He captured the brand in each store and groomed outside consultants to provide us a unique design for each one. As a guy who knows construction, I know it’s rare to find a creative person who meshes with the construction process seamlessly.  Richard’s understanding and experience in this phase of a project generated a smoother process overall and provided my team with the tools and forethought needed to execute the design. By pulling his construction experience into the design phase of a project he was able to generate much larger scaled solutions for our franchisees, predict and design around potential obstacles before they became issues later, and always with an eye to staying in budget and on schedule in “real time” through adversity; especially when met with obstacles, challenge, and changes in the field or design. He has proven to be a very unique combination of skills, and an asset to the process from beginning to end."

Philip Lutin Principal Engineer-Marion Environmental Inc.

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Challenge: need for larger spaces needs than the configuration of the available overall footprint could accomodate, generate a high level aesthetic expressing technology and innovation

Solution: Arrange spaces off grid to create residual areas for gathering, electronic carrels for break out sessions, and service bar for kitchen. Use simple shapes and contrasting colors in ceiling to increase vistas and and sense of place, way finding, and hierarchy

Atlanta Designer Richard Starcher DU Resources and Inspirations

Andy Harvey Owner-Mellow Mushroom Olive Branch, MS

Reception to

Gallery style Studio

Challenge: shared  lobby, need for strong identity, create a sense of presence and industry knowledge/experience

Solution: create strong entry shape and reception, play on boat deck details and finishes, layer details to create depth and focus upon arrival

J.D.Edwards Training

Having worked with Richard on two restaurants I have learned how much he cares about his clients and their goals.  He took my raw ideas for each store's "vibe" and translated those desires into practical and cost effective design elements. I have always trusted Richard because he actually listened to my ideas and he allowed me the freedom to impart some of myself into each store. I truly appreciate the way he led me to look at each store as a piece of art to be shared and enjoyed with my dining guests. His eye for detail and his ability to find clarity in the issues that inevitably arose allowed me to trust his judgment when I struggled to see the finished product. Richard always found a way to make my ideas a reality. 

"My house burned to the ground. I had to make decisions quickly to deal with insurance. DesignUnplugged worked with me from the beginning developing plans to rebuild the house from the foundation up. Richard's skills and abilities to comprehend the circumstances and then take quick and focused actions based on my needs made the process so much easier. I felt well cared for, largely because he listened to me, remained available and adaptable, employed his inherent design senses, and made my rebuild journey personal. He made subtle adjustments to the original layout of  the house to develop a new living concept for me with an open plan and a more senior friendly accessibility– all the while incorporating my desire for a  modern aesthetic. In truth, I could not have rebuilt without Richard’s expertise."

Mellow  Mushroom


“Richard is very creative and is able to work with an array of designers, architects and franchisees in an inclusive and harmonious way that always makes the project and brand better. He has a solid understanding of the importance of budgets and the resourcefulness to pursue options that help keep projects on target."


Challenge: reuse existing foundation to recreate a more contemporary aesthetic, maintain traditional details to address resale, alter interior spaces to achieve loft effect and improve circulation, address senior living needs to enable aging in place

Solution: organize one large living space with architectural details to provide functional pockets, open flow plan with simple wall placement to define and  increase interest, widen doors and reduce angles in accessing rooms, increase natural light in house for increased well being and loft flavored gallery aesthetic


The Cruise Authority

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"I had two classic cars and no garage. I live in a historic neighborhood where sensitivity to the fabric of the neighborhood is very important. I also had a very tight site for where the garage I wanted could be built. Richard assisted me by carefully siting the building and creating details that helped it fit the courtyard flavor in my back yard. He added bi-fold garage doors, and windows that really make this garage a gem and a source of pride when I show off my cars. Even the historical review board said they wish more garages were as thoughtfully designed to their context. He even included art photos he took for the walls as a personal and meaningful touch."

Challenge: Work within a firm budget while offering top design capacities to create a strong identity for a creative satellite office

Solution: Use readily available materials in unique ways, organize spaces for multiple functions use color strategically for way finding and accent

Interior  progress with paint, trim, and floor