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The following videos were produced for a master plan development in Rome, Georgia.  It featured the Braves training stadium, sports clinics, celebrity chef restaurants and a strolling experience  for shops of all types and sizes.  In these videos you will hear a bit of my philosophy and approach to design.

I knew I was destined to design. With a portfolio of Lego houses and master planned villages for my matchbox cars, I received my first commission in the third grade. On career day, after explaining to the class what an architect did, my classmate hired me to redesign the White House for when he became President.

With two architecture degrees from Catholic University of America School of Engineering and Architecture, I worked at a number of design firms, including Leo A. Daly, Heery International, and Lord Aeck and Sargent. A few of my accolades have been winning The National Endowment for the Arts Interior Design Award for a whimsical village daycare for the children of inner city families; having my innovative design for an Atlanta based startup company published in Interior Sources Magazine as an example for entrepreneurs of how to establish identity and brand consistency for expansion; sharing my experience and perspective as an adjunct professor with Students at American Intercontinental University(AIU); participating as a visiting critic at AIU and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD); and being a career mentor to young architects and interior designers as a participant in their development and licensing process.

I was most recently the design director at the national restaurant company, Mellow Mushroom, where I managed the design and redesign of more than 200 uniquely designed locations. I was responsible for coordinating signs, art, architecture, and interior spaces to represent the brand and each owner’s personal goals by assembling a collaborative team of experts for each store and managing the process and internal staff to opening day.

Throughout my career I have worked for hundreds of clients, and have been responsible for the thoughtful, holistic design of millions of square feet. Through these experiences I have realized that what I love about creative expression is often intimidating and confusing for others.  My clients frequently tell me I have a unique ability to be a visionary while providing them with a level of confidence and calmness. I hear that I am gifted at interpreting what they might not be able to visualize or express, and that I am not limited to the built environment but often influence their perspective on life and lifestyle. I am a puzzle solver with a mission to bring the designer out in people so they feel pride and ownership of their projects.

I’ve designed from scratch, rejuvenated, renovated, decorated, manipulated, reimagined, rearranged, master planned and phased projects, out sourced, resourced, and escorted many through the mysteries of interior design. It’s my pleasure to be your guide!

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